BDS Activists Place Stickers on Israeli Products in Ireland


yellow stickersThe Boycott, Movement, and Divestment movement have been placing yellow stickers that call for the boycott of Israel on Israeli products in an Ireland supermarket chain. The BDS stickers read “For Justice in Palestine” and some of the stickers event say “Product of West Bank”. The stickers are carefully placed in this supermarket chain because the popular British chain was established by a Jewish businessman named Jack Cohen. His supermarket chain has hundreds of stores in Ireland alone, so the stickers were able to reach an audience far and wide throughout Ireland. 

The color of the stickers are said to have been chosen carefully, as they are closely related to the yellow stars that Jews in Europe had to wear during World War 2 and the Holocaust. This just shows another tactic that the BDS activists are willing to stoop down to garner support and gain some notoriety within their communities. Ireland has especially seen a rise in anti-Israel activity within the past decade, aligning solidarity with the Palestinian movement as they see it as a similar struggle that they went through with the British.



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