The boycott dance lost its rhythm?

The BDS movement has more than enough to tap their toes to in agitation after Batsheva danced up a storm with three successful concerts in Scotland with nine more planned before the end of this year. The” shows go on” despite the boycott call to have their performances cancelled. The moment the boycotters set their foot in the first three concert doors in Scotland with the same old song and dance about boycotting Israeli arts surprisingly the annoyed Scottish public and audience members let the boycotters know that their out of step with the music and demanded that they leave the venue.

Truth be told, the average Scottish resident that has an appreciation for the arts and culture does not want a political show combined with a dance performance for the price of a single ticket. The BDS movement are slowly losing popularity because their tactics are out of step with the Scottish public who has a high appreciation for culture and arts. They know that its through the arts that cultural understanding and freedom of expression is cultivated.

On a human level, the concert goers are just ordinary citizens who would like to spend a night out with their family and they are not at all interested in political spin doctors that interrupt and chant irrelevant slogans during dance shows. The BDS movement has once again gotten off on the wrong foot and the public is more than willing to side step their cunning motives.
Cultural boycotts does not only take away the freedom of creativity, thought and expression but effectively muzzles the artistic community who is the moral high ground for effecting change in society. It is ironically through arts and culture that people of diverse background and thought can unite and share their narratives and perspectives. That’s why it must be one of the core reasons why the boycotters would like to jeopardize this multicultural interaction. Why wont they stop a Syrian dance group from performing because of the human rights abuses by the Syrian government? It always boils down to the same two things, the boycotters unfairly singles out Israel and does not afford the Jewish people the dignity and right to self determination.

Its time that the BDS movement change their tactics and become relevant to the realities of today and perhaps then they can be guaranteed to sweep the audience off their feet but until then they will need to reinvent themselves and try out more political correct tap shoes.


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