Ordinary People Beating BDS by Buying Israeli Products

Ynet has reported the story of a Canada-based Israeli, Shani Bar-Oz, whose down-town Vancouver store selling  Israeli-made toiletries has been the target of  regular anti-Israeli protests. The local community and others, boosted by publicity given to the story in Ynet, has responded with a “Buycott”, which, apparently, has generated new business for the store. As has happened elsewhere where “Buycotts” have been implemented, the campaign against Bar-Oz has backfired, with new orders pouring in.

“People won’t stop calling and ordering products on the phone and online (…) I’m now preparing for the boycotts of ‘Apartheid Week,’ but at least I understand that there are so many supporters behind me”


5 responses to “Ordinary People Beating BDS by Buying Israeli Products

  1. I strongly encourage you not to give in to the taunts and threats Shani. You are correct in feeling that you represent the nation of Israel, and this is not an insignificant matter at this moment. Your name and your courage has made a story across this nation and even internationally.
    Your fame is not the point however, the point is that our God has chosen you to be a symbol of all that is good, honest , hard-working and loyal in this age of decit, destruction and oppression around the world. be encoureaged therefore from the prayers, the well-wishers and supporters who have and continue to surround you in financial and prayerful support.

  2. Hi, I read the article re what sounds like a rowdy group of vicious people, bored with their
    lot in the world failing to make any lasting impact. I know Canada, albeit I have not yet
    visited Vancouver. This has jolted me in to visiting on my next trip asap. Please, whoever
    reads this, I would be grateful for a reply as to the name of Ms. Bar Oz’s shop and an address
    and/or e/mail so I can write in support and maybe even order some products by phone?
    I am heartened to read that the Israeli ( and where are the Anglo/Jewish community) local
    populus have joined hands and voices to redress these vacous empty rabble rousers.
    From me, a fired up Member of the UK Anglo/Israeli community, Micha Yaacov Ben Zeev, Hendon, London, England…….(all lower case) micadlm@aol.com

    • Yes, I too would like to get on board and see what products she may have for me to purchase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please sent info !! Go Shani!! Go Yisrael!!! This time we will not be found sleeping at the wheel! Amen!

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