Jazz singer buckles to BDS pressure

Grammy-winning jazz singer Cassandra Wilson has called off her scheduled concert in Holon tonight, after pressure from BDS activists. This last-minute cancelation was announced yesterday and comes months after Wilson signed a contract to perform in Israel − but only one day after she received full payment for her scheduled appearance, according to the director of the Holon Theater, Guy Telem. Telem says he spoke with Wilson in an attempt to convince her not to cancel the appearance, Haaretz reports. “Her first explanation was that she read recently about Israel’s intention to attack Iran and she feared for her safety and the safety of her people,” but later admitted that her decision stemmed from a desire “to support Palestinians’ civil rights”. “What makes this cancelation exceptional is that the entire matter arose only a day after she received her payment for the performance,” said Telem, while the singer’s manager has agreed to refund only part of the money as of now, he said.


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