UPenn BDS Update

Further to an article published yesterday outlining the reaction of Jewish students to the BDS Conference, three more articles critiquing BDS were published today in the UPenn in-house newspaper The Daily Pennsylvanian – the first, by Dov Hoch, emphasizes the need to “change the BDS mindset to one of investment and genuine nation-building activities”; the second, by Roberta E. Dzubow argues that by basing their narrative on a “brazen lie”, BDS campaigners “are not proposing peace or coexistence, they are selling hate”; and finally, Ruben Gur, a UPenn professor, responds directly and forcefully to an earlier article by the organizers of the Conference. (see our earlier posts for more UPenn BDS Conference updates)

Meanwhile, the DivestThis  landing site set up to provide issue by issue responses to the BDS Conference agenda is nearing completion, with only one or two posts to go. The entire list of posts – well worth the read – will be available by Friday for download in PDF or ebook formats.


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