Apple to open a R&D center in Israel

Globes reports (15 December) that Apple is expected to inaugurate its first development center outside the US at Haifa’s Scientific Industries Center.  The paper reported that a delegation headed by Apple vice president of R&D Ed Frank was currently visiting Israel to meet with several high-tech companies and that Apple has already hired Israeli high-tech veteran and former head of Zoran Corporation’s R&D center, Aharon Aharon, to run the center. In related news earlier last week, Israeli media reported Apple was in advanced talks to buy Anobit, an Israeli maker of flash storage technology, for $400-$500 million. This would be Apple’s first acquisition in Israel.  


4 responses to “Apple to open a R&D center in Israel

  1. Honest question to the terrorist sympathizing leftists and Israeli haters that participate in the BDS movement?

    Now that Apple has purchased an Israeli company and plans on opening a research and development centre in Israel, its first outside the United States, what phones do you guys plan on using?

    No iPhone, no google powered android phones, no windows7 phones, and of course no motorola phones. I guess there’s always blackberry. enjoy.

      • Bad news for you!
        To stop supporting Zionist regime you should get rid of almost every electronic equipment you have in your house. Especially computers, because Intel’s R&D center is also in Haifa, Israel.


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