Mayor of Bethlehem calls for boycott of Israel

On 15 December, after his annual Christmas address, Victor Batarseh, the mayor of Bethlehem, called on the international community to boycott Israel as this tactic “worked with South Africa” and is, according to him, the only way to get Israel back to negotiations.


5 responses to “Mayor of Bethlehem calls for boycott of Israel

  1. It’s not the way back to negotiations, sir. The way back to negotiations is via the negotiating table, with all parties sitting down and all being made to look at photos of suffering children on ALL sides of the spectrum. When the politicians start becoming human, then maybe things will happen. Sit them all down, tie them to their chairs and start the slide show. Don’t allow anyone to leave until they have learned and are ready to act for the sake of the children.

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  4. Palestinians have been talking to the Israelis for decades with no results because the Israelis are not willing to give Palestinians their rights, for instance right of return as guaranteed by international law. There can be no peace until all occupied land is returned and justice restored. How can the captive Palestinian population negotiate with their jailers as equals to demand their liberty? Why should they have to? Palestinians recognize Israel but Israel refuses to recognize Palestinians, some even stating that they ‘don’t exist’. Israel also refuses to recognize Hamas even though it was democratically elected. There is no political will to give up their ethnic supremacist ideas, so Israel will have to be forced through sanctions. Israel has practised sanctions on others, by the way. I agree with the Bethlehem mayor that if sanctions ended apartheid in South Africa, it can do the same to free the Palestinian people from apartheid and colonial occupation. We can all begin by checking the label on products to see where they are made and to boycott diamonds- most of which are cut and polished in Israel and funding war crimes and crimes against humanity.

  5. To Monique Buckner,

    You only need to read the Hamas Charter to see what side you support Obviously, you stand for genocide, anti-semitism and hatred and so do those who “elected” Hamas. With respect to a “right to return”, there is no such thing under international law. This is simply another lie by the Palestinian propagandists which if repeated enough times fools the ignorant. The only apartheid being practiced in the world today is in Islamic countries. If you want to campaign against apartheid and for “Palestinian Rights” go to Lebanon and Syria and ask for the Palestinians to be released from their prison camps and be allowed to work at the profession of their choosing.

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