David Willetts – There is no academic boycott

Universities and Science Minister David Willetts has urged Britain and Israel to look beyond delegitimization and boycott campaigns and instead celebrate the level of co-operation between the two countries.

“I was very impressed by the quality of enterprise and business start-ups in Israel. He said the level of academic collaboration and investment was an indication of the failure of the boycott campaign.” “The problem is in a small number of universities and there are a small number of hotheads who talk the language of boycott. That is completely unacceptable. But it is not happening – there is no academic boycott. I accept that there have been some incidents which have seen completely unacceptable behavior affect Israeli academics and Jewish students and we are absolutely determined to crack down on that. I was shocked that some people in Israel think Britain is this hostile place. It is not, and our universities are not.”


One response to “David Willetts – There is no academic boycott

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